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By email : Alexis Peyroles

OSE Immunotherapeutics: An increased scale and a capacity to enhance the value of its assets through industrial partnerships, to ensure its development and cover cash-flow needs.

OSE Immunotherapeutics’ growth strategy includes leveraging the work of the company’s highly-skilled R&D teams to secure key strategic partnerships and out-licensing opportunities at the most appropriate stage of clinical development (either early- or later-stage).

Thanks to its advanced clinical programs and innovative drug candidates immuno-oncology, autoimmune diseases and transplantation, OSE Immunotherapeutics is in a strong position to achieve this goal.

Through such partnerships, OSE Immunotherapeutics aims to develop and/or commercialize its drug candidates and expand development to other potential applications and specific geographies. Partnerships will also help to generate mid- and long-term revenues through royalties and milestones. These will contributesignificantly to the company’s cash-flow needs.

In the longer-term, OSE Immunotherapeutics will consider commercializing some of its R&D products in-house, provided that such efforts show they can be highly profitable and achievable and that they allow the Company to retain maximum value+