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FR104 : a license and commercialization agreement with Janssen Biotech Inc., affiliate of Johnson & Johnson Group

Clinical phase 1 trial with positive results, targeting indications in autoimmune diseases and transplantation (Press release)

  • FR104, a CD28-antagonist, is an optimized monoclonal antibody fragment targeting the CD28 receptor, a key receptor in effector T lymphocytes. These effector T lymphocytes are harmful in the case of autoimmune diseases and transplantation.
  • At the end of 2013, with FR104 at a preclinical stage, a global option and license agreement was signed with Janssen Biotech, owned by Johnson & Johnson (a global leading pharmaceutical group), which has allowed the development of the product to the current stage. This option has been exercised by Janssen in July 2016 to continue Phase 2 clinical development, with expected payments of milestones and royalties (Press release).