BiCKI® is a bispecific fusion protein platform built on the key backbone component anti-PD-1 (OSE-279) and targeting innovative targets.

The BiCKI® platform strives to inhibit key immune checkpoints while simultaneously delivering intratumoral cytokines with Treg modulating function and/or increasing exhausted T cells responses.

The BiCKI® platform can also modify the tumor microenvironment by delivering costimulatory signals to rewire anti-tumoral T-cell activities or other modalities reinstating, among others, macrophage polarization and phagocytic functions.

Based on an engineered anti-PD-1 bifunctional antibody platform technology, BiCKI® is designed to extend the spectrum of patients responding to immunotherapies. BiCKI® represents the second generation of PD-(L)1 inhibitors that have been used to increase antitumor efficacy in hard to treat cancers by addressing untapped immune evasion mechanisms.